Axel RESEARCH MEMO (3): From fableless semiconductor companies for pachinko / pachislot aircraft from tip technology companies (2)

Axel RESEARCH MEMO (3): From fableless semiconductor companies for pachinko / pachislot aircraft from tip technology companies (2)

■ Business overview

(2) New business related

As a “new business -related” segment, we offer various solutions, consulting, and selling IPs, such as machine learning/AI, middleware products, security products, blockchain areas, etc. Axel <6730> will expand new businesses by using various layers’ technology and know -how, such as algorithms and hardware and software development cultivated in LSI development and sales. It is a strategy. In each area, the sales scale is small, and it is positioned in the preceding investment stage.

a) Machine learning/AI area

In the machine learning/AI area, the AILIA SDK, a deep learning framework for edge reasoning, is developed to the core. The feature of “AILIA” is that in addition to the cross -platform, the aggressive utilization of the GPU has achieved the world’s highest level of performance at reasoning processing speed. The construction of an AI system requires both “learning (deep learning)” and “reasoning” processes, but in Japan, there are few AI companies with inference frameworks, and Google and Microsoft are major overseas platformers. In many cases, the engine is developed in combination with its own deep learning framework. The company’s reasoning framework has the same level or higher -speed processing performance as a major overseas company, which is a differentiation factor from other AI development companies. It is also an advantage that having a framework in -house can flexibly change the design for all customer requests. In particular, the use of the AILIA SDK, a deep learning framework specialized in inference, has contributed to the reduction of man -hours in AI development, and is increasing.

Business models include the sales of deep learning frameworks and consulting and contract 바카라 development services for AI implementation, providing solution packages based on “AILIA SDK”, and earning royalty income of “AILIA SDK”. Currently, consulting and consignment development services for AI implementation, and the royalty income of “AILIA SDK” has begun to increase gradually since the fiscal year ending March 2022.

b) Middleware product (AXIP)

Middleware products are developing and selling the middleware “AXIP” series, mainly for images and voice compression technology, mainly for the gaming market. As for the product, the movie middleware “H2MD” * 1 and the super-resolution “Gradia” * 2, the sound middleware “C-FA” that realizes low load and low delay, HDR compatible ultra-high compression movie. The middleware “LESIA”, the file packing middlewear “VUCKET” * 3, the movie middleware for casino arcade games, “AXVC”, etc. by selling the industry’s highest level of middleware as a multifunctional package. Increased added value. It is a business model that earns fixed or sales of royalty income for each company or app.

* 1 This is a video codec library that can play videos in a browser, featuring multiple videos simultaneous regeneration, transparent layer (overlapping video), and low CPU load.

* 2 Super resolution is a technology that corrects the contours that usually become jaggy (jagged) when the characters and pictures displayed on the display are enlarged in a smooth and natural state.

* 3 Automatic execution type compressed files and software, and vucket are not only functions that combine large -capacity files such as images and audio, but also support files and encryption.

C) Security products

Security products have started selling Shalo, a solution using encrypted technology, in USB dongle and in September 2020. The application license and login authentication function can be managed in a secure state, and demand is expected for authentication when starting applications such as Windows, for login for Google and Microsoft, PDF encryption, etc. Currently, similar security products have many foreign -affiliated products, and the company has a strategy of selling high stability, convenience, and reliability from domestic production as differentiation points.

d) The blockchain area

In the blockchain area, the company has core technologies related to blockchain construction and hardware technologies that support the transaction base, and Cryptolab, which has know -how in business development, and Japan Enterprise with system development and sales power. By collaborating, it is a strategy to promote the development of various solutions and NFT -related services based on blockchain technology, and accelerate business development.

(Writing: Fisco Visiting Analysts Joe Sato)

Former Johnny’s Jr. Ryota Yamamoto, “I’m deeply reflecting on sexual exploitation”, claiming that “violence” to women is “on agreement”

Johnny’s Jr. violent violence Johnny’s Office Gambling

Weekly Women September 20, 2022


Former Johnny’s Jr. Ryota Yamamoto in response to “Weekly Women”

[Browsing attention] A -san’s neck and thighs … Aza made of violence received during sexual activity with Yamamoto

Some people said, “I don’t have to talk about everything,” and “I just need to respond to the office staff.” So I decided to receive interviews. “

Former Johnny’s Jr. Ryota Yamamoto was reported in 2020 that 온라인바카라 he opened his mouth with a mysterious look in 2020. In the Weekly Women’s September 13 issue, Mr. A, a general woman who had a physical relationship with Yamamoto for about five years, was in sexual activity in his office, and was violent during the act. He accused him of being sent a sneaky message, such as “3P Suzunara Koi”.

The affiliated office stated that it was recognized as “private,” but after reporting, Mr. A confessed further facts. In the article, Yamamoto, who called Mr. A to the office in April of this year, said, “What do you think I do?” “A: I want you to drink pee B: I want you to lend money. C: If I’m taking a dangerous medicine, I want you to do it together D: which I want you to do, which one do you want to do? ” There is no fact that the content is actually done. ” But Mr. A tells the shocking fact.

“In mid -May, about a month after that, I was actually drinking his pee …”

If it is true, it is too vicious. When I contacted my office again to confirm the facts, Yamamoto himself responded to the interview.

Yamamoto himself talked about his relationship with Mr. A

On August 30, Yamamoto, who appeared in the interview place, was confused at first, but began to speak in a calm tone. He first explains his sexual activity in his office.

“There is no doubt about the encounter and relationship with Mr. A. As it was written, it was certain that there was a time when the article was” Bunshun “and there was no contact. After a long time from her. I was contacted, but at that time I was busy at work and spent most of my time at the office. I refused to invite me from A, but when I was contacted again. He told me, “If you meet, come to the office,” he told me again at the office, and the flow reached sexual activity. “

According to Mr. A, the relationship that had been cut off once returned. When he asked him about his violent attitude, he began to talk about an event.