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Be busy

If you are in Seoul alone on your birthday, I think it will be depressed

I wanted to have a birthday in Hallasan.

I went to Jeju and the hiking trail was blocked by the birthday dawn forecast.

Besides, it has rained.

Fortunately, I meet a good companion so that rainy Jeju is not depressed.

I had a nice birthday.

The mackerel sashimi was soft and the shrimp was sweet

I have two hours of driving for me

The beautiful story of bringing it to Geha.

The day after the birthday, the control situation is changed so I change the course

I went to the Yeongsil side.

My first snow mountain

My first Hallasan

I have seen a bunch of vast landscapes and snowflakes like the desert.

If I have a change in 2022,

I don’t have to rely on others

I decided to live with a lack of shortness.

There is nothing different from before.

The man who said, “Look forward to me.”

Then someone can kick me like this

I only understood.

In 2017 unemployed time

I went to Hong Kong and Macau and Fukuoka

I turned Taiwan by bicycle

I came back and entered health and valley dance.

Then he stayed in Australia and stayed in Sydney and Melbourne.

The amount of money collected as much as a rat is back in New Zealand.

All of them were the first experiences in life.

For the last two months

Notre Dame Paris French Original performance in Korea (tears)

Looking at Rebecca (Ok Joo -hyun!)

Take the board at Yongpyong Ski Resort

Go to Hallasan

I went to Sokcho and eats a barley mullet sashimi.

Eating Abai Sundae

I bought Adungpo for saying that I was good with whiskey snacks.

Adwolpo delicious dra.

I 솔레어카지노 don’t know what’s going on in 2022

I want to dance without a circle.