Disciplinary lawmakers in the House of Representatives for the Restoration of the Restoration, Mr. Hashishita, a member of the Communist member of the House of Representatives, a lawmaker Reiwa for defamation. Are you? >

On February 19, there is a page called “This Special News Division” from the Tokyo Shimbun morning edition 24 to 25.

Today, I decided to learn this special news department.

First, the article said, “The Japan Restoration Society submitted a punishment of a punishment at a Central House of Representatives Budget Committee Central Hearing held on the 15th, saying that Representative Toru Miyamoto made critical remarks to the public. Speaking of which, recently, Toru Hashishita’s Governor Toru Hashishita, the governor of Osaka Prefecture, filed a lawsuit against a member of the House of Representatives of the Shinsen Gumi for defamation, and Ichiro Matsui, the mayor of Osaka, foreseeing legal measures to the comedian. Strong measures for other opposition parties and critical speech stand out, but what is the background? (Haruka Osugi, Norimi Ishii).

The article continued, saying, “Hide Hara Hara, President of the Cabinet Office National Working Group Working Group, attended a public hearing on the 15th as a public statement of the Restoration Recommendation and narrowed down the issue of” slander in the Diet “. I made a statement.

Inspired by the special zone, a newspaper coverage that he had made himself fraud, and a member of the Constitutional Democratic Party criticized a blog or a parliament that he had “committed a criminal act”, and was given to members of the exemption. He asked for a review and sincerely resolute government.

Mr. Hara pointed out the minutes of the remarks in the Diet as “a third -class gossip media that irresponsibly dripping hoaxes.”

Mr. Toru Miyamoto, who was asked by Mr. Hara’s remarks, said, “The Principality of Hara is said to be a personal objection to the project he has. I am also asked. “

Two days later, the Meiji Restoration submitted a punishment to Mr. Miyamoto to the lower house with a member of the House of Representatives, Yasushi Adachi, as a submit. The Communist Party also issued a protest, saying, “It is significantly damaged by the hospital dignity, and outrageous,” and asked Mr. Hara to apologize.

Adachi added a tweet and protests, saying, “We will work hard to recover Hara Hara’s honor and promote the rule reform and structural reform!”

Mr. Miyamoto, on the other hand, said on Twitter, “Would you not not only accept my natural suggestions as a parliament, but would you intimately seal my remarks that pointed out your responsibilities? is doing.

The punishment can be submitted with more than 40 people in the lower house and 20 or more for the Upper House. If you are entrusted to the Punishment Committee and vote at the plenary session, you will be punished for any of the warnings, apologies, suspension of retirement, or expulsion, but will be withdrawn before the entrusted consultation or a demand. I often do it.

In the lower house, the Democratic Party member (then, at that time), Akira Uchiyama, who was a member of the Democratic Party (at that time), focused on the welfare committee chairman at the time of the bill voting, and has been suspended for 30 days.

The Meiji Restoration made a breakthrough in the previous lower house election, and the number of seats in the lower house was 41. He decided to submit the first submission because he was in a position to make a punishment only by the decision of the party, but the reputation was rather famous for the “receiving side.” In particular, Adachi, who has become a motion submit, has been punished six times in the past sc.

At the House of Representatives Budget Committee Chuo Hearing in February 2016, he once told Nobuobe Gohara, who attended as a public statement, “politics and a selling act.”

Mr. Gohara is appalled, “What kind of party is it on the shelf,” said the rehabilitation?

“A person named Adachi puts his other opposition dirty with a criticism of the government. Even though his past rants are left unchecked, he is punished by Representative Miyamoto, who is much more problematic at the level. I don’t say anything. “

Adachi apologized to Mr. Gohara, but did not completely delete his slander blogs and tweets.

He’s a ridiculous person, “he doesn’t seem angry. He tells you.

Furthermore, the article continued, saying, “The” hard -line measures “on the Restoration side are particularly noticeable.

First of all, Toru Hashishita, a former governor of Osaka, was filed by a representative of Reiwa Shinsengumi, a former governor of Osaka, and filed a lawmaker.

According to the complaint, Mr. Hashishita said in an interview in the evening newspaper, “Governor Hashishita does not like the media, and reporters who do not like it will hit the bag.” He said that he was defaming.

On the other hand, Mr. Oishi said, “The shielded person has been shrinking speech, and the same method so far. I have been saying it as a member of the staff, and I hate it. I have a chance to fight instead, including the victims. “

On the 13th, the entertainer Dr. Suidobashi said on Twitter on Twitter, attached a video about the career of the Mayor of Osaka, the mayor of Osaka, and said, “I often did not know.” I think you should sue (laughs). “

Then Matsui himself replied, “I will do legal procedures,” and “I will respond in the same way for those who have been retweeted.”

“Water in your ears. Do you think you’ll be silent if you flicker the lawsuit.

Furthermore, in Osaka, the TBS news program, which delves into the causes of the number of corona infected people and many deaths, said that Hideyuki Yokoyama, the Osaka Restoration Association, “only specific facts and the content that would overlook the viewers’ anxiety.” , The blog on the 16th revealed that the Broadcast Ethics and Program Improvement Organization (BPO) was offered. “

Finally, the article was “4 consecutive hard -line measures in just two weeks, because last year’s Lower House has been excited.

However, Journalist Yoshiji Yoshitomi, who is familiar with Osaka politics, points out that the Restoration is now impatient.

Yoshitomi thinks the cause of “impatience” is the Osaka Expo and casinos. “Yumezu, which is planned to be held, is originally a landfill of garbage.

It’s a corona evil. “The number of deaths is the worst nationwide and the number of infected people is large. Are you working properly? I’m doubtful for citizens,” says Yoshitomi.

“The Meiji Restoration is good or worse, and strives for ideals. Like the Osaka Metropolitan Initiative, there is the property of being aggressive for those who resist.

Meanwhile, political journalist Hiroshi Izumi said, “It has been considered that this party is strange as a result of the greater the public in the lower house election, and the public’s attention has increased.

According to NHK’s opinion polls, the Restoration Agency, which was 7.3 % last November after the lower house election, fell to 5.2 % in February. Izumi told former Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who compared Mr. Hashishita to Hitler, said that the Ishin side had a lot of high rate.

“If there is something, the lawsuit will be overwhelmed. The attack target will be changed one after another. Mr. Hashishita will be able to become a national political party as it is now.” Is expanded and coordinates with the Democratic Party of the National Democratic Party. In the future, the first opposition parties and further beyond that would be a big win in the Summer Upper House election. Is it okay to keep the constitution as it is now?

Political critic Minoru Morita lamented the current situation, saying, “I used to be tolerant of criticism in the past.

The underlying thing was reflecting on the war. I can’t say anything freely. I am convinced that politics has become more and more mad, leading to a tragic war.

“If the Restoration, which was built and built on misconduct, took the government as it was, he would do something like Hitler and Stalin. Learn history.”

I read and learned.

“The Meiji Restoration is submitted to the lower house of a sentence to Mr. Miyamoto as a submit to the House of Representatives Yasushi Adachi on the 2nd. I asked him for an apology. “

“On the other hand, Mr. Miyamoto not only accepts my natural point as a parliament, but will it be intimidating my remarks that pointed out responsibilities? I’m refuting. “

“Toru Hashishita, a former governor of Osaka Prefecture, a” founder of the Meiji Restoration “, filed a lawsuit against the House of Representatives Akiko Oishi of Reiwa Shinsengumi for defamation. According to the complaint, Mr. Hashishita said in an interview in the evening newspaper that “Governor Hashishita does not like the media, and reporters who do not like it will hit the bag.” He said that he was a defamation. “

“On the other hand, Oishi said,” The shield has been afraid to have shrunk speech. I have said that I have been a staff member and I hate it. I have a chance to fight instead, including the victims. ” “

“On the 13th, Dr. Suidobashi, an entertainer, attached a video about the background of the Mayor of Osaka, the mayor of Osaka, on Twitter, and said,” I often did not know. ” I think you should sue right now (laughs). ” “

“Then Matsui himself will do legal procedures, and will respond in the same way for retweets.”

“Water in your ears. Do you think you’ll be silent if you flicker the lawsuit?

“Furthermore, in Osaka, the TBS news program that delves into the causes of the number of corona infected and the number of deaths in Osaka,” the contents that extract only specific facts and cover the anxiety of viewers in Osaka. ” They revealed on the blog on the 16th that they applied to the Broadcast Ethics / Program Improvement Organization (BPO). “

“Journalist Yoshitomi, who is familiar with Osaka politics, pointed out,” The Restoration is now impatient. ” “

“The political journalist Hiroshi Izumi said,” I have been thinking that this party is strange as a result of the greater the attention of the people in the lower house election, and the public’s attention has increased. “

“Mr. Morita, a political critic, lamented,” I used to be tolerant in the past. Underlying was a painful reflection on the war. I am convinced that the fact that things became unable to say and politics became more and more mad, causing a tragic war. “If the Restoration built on misconduct, if the Restoration built on misconduct takes the administration as it is, will do something like Hitler and Stalin. Learn history.”

I was able to know.

I read and learned.

In particular, Minoru Morita says, “If the Restoration built on misconduct, if you take the government as it is, you will do something like Hitler or Stalin. Learn history.” I felt scared because it was too much.

The salvation, however, is that everyone at the Meiji Restoration Association, including Toru Hashishita, is not a “master” of a speech that shakes the heart of a human, like Hitler, who has been prohibited to speak.

In addition, there are Japanese constitutions in Japan, whether it has been over 75 years, has been able to hold it, or has a sovereign person, the guarantee of basic human rights, and abandoned war.

Hello in Japan, many mass media, including the Tokyo Shimbun, have a criticism spirit.

I think there is no base for Hitler Moki and Stalin Moki.

In the sense of divulging, the movement of Representative Toru Miyamoto, the remarks of Representative Akiko Oishi, the response of Dr. Suidobashi, and the processing of the broadcast ethics and program improvement mechanism (BPO), the Tokyo Shimbun and the mass media. I want you to inform you.

I would also like to tell 코인카지노 the Tokyo Shimbun that I am looking forward to the follow -up article in the “This Special News Department”.

The 6 -year -old eldest daughter graduated from kindergarten this March and became an elementary school student from April.

The three years of spending more than two -thirds of her kindergarten life with the new Corona and the mask will end soon.

In kindergartens where Omicron stocks are expanding and cannot go or not, it seems that graduation is steadily preparing, and this time the children will make time capsules for themselves at the age of 20.

So I was informed that my parents would like to prepare a letter for a 20 -year -old child.

So the first 20 -year -old daughter I thought for the first time. She is 6 years old now, and her favorite is Barbie, Pretty Cure, and Shumikoukurashi laugh, every day. It’s such a daily life in front of me, so I can’t imagine a 20 -year -old daughter …

But that day will surely come. At that time, she wouldn’t call me “mom” anymore, was she called “Mom”? What kind of woman is she growing up? Do you have a dream? Do you meet good friends? ? I wonder if I’m taller than me.

Just thinking will get hot …

Even if I’m 20 years old, I’m your mother until I die, and I don’t think it will end. Every day called “mom”, the little you who have to protect will definitely end someday. I want to send an ale from a 2022 mom who lives in an era I don’t know. Let’s write such a thing.

This time capsule is not buried underground, but it is stored at home.

Then I decided to keep it with this.

A Baccarat tumbler carved by his eldest daughter. I thought that there was too much of a childbirth, so I thought it was too much (I was too dry w), so I hardly bought it, but I bought it. With my 20 -year -old daughter, I wanted to drink with this.

In fact, there are some of the years 메리트카지노 when the couple got married and the second daughter. A special tumbler engraved with a family commemorative year.

Also, in more than 10 years, I think that the day to toast will come with this (oh? I’m an adult, so I can drink alcohol from 18 years old ??) , I’m looking forward to it …

I guess there is a rebellion period. I guess there are times when I suffer.

I can’t say that I’ve been used to raising children for six years as a mother, and I’m still not good at raising children, but I want to face my child and do my mother.


Please bring the treasure to put in the time capsule from your house. These two were prepared.

Yeah, isn’t it really a choice? If you look at the 20 -year -old, what will you look like ^^

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