Eliminates “Can I talk now?”

Panasonic Connect is released in August, a new product “PRESSIT360” that integrates 360 -degree cameras, microphones and speakers. It is a device that seems to be able to solve problems that are likely to occur at a “hybrid” web conference, which is a mixture of work and home. I experienced the actual machine for a short time and asked the person in charge about the 바카라사이트/a> aim of the product. [Photo] A place where we have a web meeting using PRESSIT360. 5 types of video mode can be switched according to the application (photo is the office side) 360 -degree camera speaker phone PRESSIT360 (Press -Wit Sunroqua Mal) for Web Conference, four cameras, microphones, and speeches that capture the horizontal 360 degrees. An all -in -one web conference system that summarizes a slim cylindrical body. It is assumed that people in the office conference room and those who are at home will be used in a small number of meetings. In addition, it is thought that it will be used in a small number of people in school classrooms, and it will be introduced not only in business use but also in the educational market. It is expanded to corporations via the company’s affiliated site solution company, and the price is open price, but it is expected to sell at around 180,000 yen. Behind the birth of PRESSIT360 is the number of companies that incorporate “hybridworks” that combine remote work such as home and office work in work style reforms and corona. The spread of hybrid work is expected to be spread in the future, but on the other hand, the issues of remote and people working in the office have been seen. According to Panasonic, for example, when people who work remotely and those in the office participate in the “hybrid conference”, the remote side is difficult to understand the state and atmosphere of the person in the office side, so I wonder if I can talk now. There is a scene where you feel anxious and stressed, such as “How do you feel the remarks?” As a result, it is difficult to feel the connection between the participants, and the emotions of each other can not be read, so it feels alienated, which often leads to a decrease in remarks. On the other hand, on the office side, it seems that there is a problem that it takes time to carry and set up equipment every time a meeting. In order to solve these issues and support hybrid work, we have developed a new Pressit360. Panasonic’s person in charge said, “If you talk with 5 people (at a hybrid meeting), it will not be easy for conversations to proceed without realism. I think that being able to see the whole picture, such as doing it, is a big difference (from a general web camera). ” At the hybrid conference, I felt that I wanted to introduce PresSit360 where it emphasizes realism and sense of unity. In fact, when I participate in the editorial department meeting from home online, I feel that it is difficult for people to be in the office side to make it difficult to estimate what kind of atmosphere in the office is. At present, there is no story that is included in the meeting, so the video and audio sent from the camera of the notebook PC and the microphone are sufficient, but at the web meeting, “If you speak now, you won’t be covered with someone. It is surprisingly tired to always be aware of that. In addition, when you go to the office and participate in the meeting, you will go to the side of the equipment, but it will take some time to set up a camera, microphone, and speakers by setting up a small number of people. The hybrid web conferences have such a “troublesomeness”, so you can understand the development intention of PRESSIT360. As a point that the actual machine experience PRESSIT360 is useful for customers in the demonstration of the hybrid conference, the company is “realizing a hybrid conference where participants can feel the connection between the participants”, “Easy to prepare for the WEB meeting and handle it with simple operations”. “Lightweight and compact and easy to carry” is listed. This time, a demonstration of a hybrid conference using the Microsoft Teams was performed by combining the PRESSIT360 and the notebook PC for the press. The size of PRESSIT360 is 64 x 285mm (excluding the operation unit), a feeling of size that is slightly thicker with a 500ml plastic bottle. The weight is about 950g, and if you hold it with one hand, you will feel a compact weight. The slim -shaped body is wrapped in a black fabric, which is a reasonable design for a 360 -degree web camera when placed on a desk. At the top is four cameras using a 1/2.7 -inch CMOS sensor, and the horizontal 360 degrees can be photographed. When placed in the center of the conference room, the appearance of any seat can be distributed in high -quality and realistic images. The resolution is 2,560 x 1,440 dots per camera, the panoramic resolution is 5k/4,992 x 928 dots, and the frame rate is 25/30fps. There are seven microphones on the top of the main body, covering a wide area of ​​360 degrees horizontally. You can recognize audio up to 5m radius. Equipped with echo, noise canceling and volume -uniformized functions, we pursued clear sound collection and loudscape, such as eliminating voice problems such as noise and howling so that the voices of the participants can be easily heard. Also, although it is not visible from the outside, the speaker is installed inside. The sound is monaural sound collection/monaural playback. Due to video and voice recognition, people and sounds are detected within 360 degrees. The major feature is that it can focus on images to speakers with the AI ​​function, and have five types of video modes that can be selected according to the situation, such as fixing the whiteboard. The features of each mode are as follows, and in the division/one/group view, the ring LED at the bottom of the main unit emits green in the direction of the speaker’s voice. Split view: Recognize the voice of the speaker, display up to two people at the top of the screen/display the entire 360 ​​degrees at the bottom of the screen one person view: focus on the speaker. When another speaker starts speaking, switching the screen to the person set -up: Up to 4 people in the conference room on the vertical division screen are displayed all over the entire lap view: 360 degrees overall screens at 180 degrees. However, displayed on the two -stage screen Fixed view: White boards, people, products, etc. are fixed and photographed. Displayed videos with low distortion Panasonic, which handles video display devices such as displays and projectors, broadcasting and commercial video systems, and acoustic equipment, and PRESSIT360 also makes use of the technology cultivated there. For example, when copying the product in the above fixed view, the image quality is adjusted by making full use of its own know -how so that the color of the product can be conveyed firmly with real color reproducibility even in the distribution destination. Switching and volume operation of the video mode can be performed with the button of the main unit operation unit, so that the current operating state can be understood by lighting color, such as the camera and microphone on/off with the LED ring at the bottom of the main unit. There is a 1/4 -inch screw hole on the bottom of the main unit, so you can use Pressit360 on the tripod. As a consideration for equipment protection, it is also equipped with a security slot of NOBLE WEDGE lock that connects security wires. One USB Type-C cable can be supplied and transmitted video and audio data to PCs, eliminating the trouble of connecting AC adapters, cameras, microphones, and speakers individually. In addition, if you are on a PC with a USB-A cable, the power supply will be insufficient, so it will be operated with a separately prepared AC adapter (DC12V/2A). The speaker output is 1.5W for USB-C power supply, 3W when connecting AC adapter, and when connected to AC power, it can be set to a slightly loud volume. USB audio format support USB Audio Class (UAC) 1.0. The PRESSIT360 is basically a small number of people and a compact meeting, and it seems to be suitable for the use of web conferences with this one. The interface is only USB-C and does not have audio output such as stereo mini, so if you want to output audio to a larger speaker, you will need to change the output destination from the connected PC. 。 “PRESSIT360 application” for PC is also available, and can be used on Windows 10/11 and PCs equipped with MacOS. You can install the software from the built -in storage (for reading only) from the PRESSIT360 (read -only) to perform the camera video control (zoom in/out, move up, down, left and right), adjust image quality, and test speaker operation. It also supports the future firmware update of the main unit. The company aims to gain 10%of the current domestic market size (20,000 to 25,000 units) for the annual sales volume. Because it is a product for corporations, it seems that it is unlikely to be seen by general consumers, but it may be that PRESSIT360 is active in corporate meeting space and educational settings.

Geisen Society #2303 Ordinance May 12, 4th (Thursday)

Geisen Social World Ordinance May 12, 4th (Thursday)

Following yesterday, a lucky encounter.

As usual, work is over at 10:00 pm

To the usual game.

While looking sideways at the depopulated medal corner

Next to the “Eiji War”, which has a lot of customers. The purpose is “Sangokushi Taisen”.

Then, I found Ishiken in “British War”.

Former bicycle race player, still a bicycle race -related work. Speaking of which, Maebashi Nighter Bicycle Racing is being acclaimed today. When you call out

“It’s a knob next to me.”

? !

Nobu, Yoshinobu Inamura

Current bicycle race player. S -class.

The Inamura clan, who does not know the Gunma citizens. Nobu of the “brother”.

Players who have maintained the top class since their debut. Can you afford to play at the game? Do you have time?

“Sangokushi Taisen has been doing well for a long time. Lufu is strong. ]

“If you start the British War, it’s interesting. Lufu is strong, but it has become weaker with the latest version upgrade. ]

“Do you want to use it? I’ll lend you a card]

“The rare card has been comp. Mercari is cheap. ]

What are you practicing?

“After all, you have to do what you do (game), you can’t practice. ]

“In the past, I played to maintenance, then took a nap and practiced in the morning. ]

Maintenance = maintenance. The game is temporarily interrupted around 4 o’clock AM.

“It’s boring now because all games are closed at 24:00.”

strongly agree.

Generally, S -class players are hard to talk to without being right. If you have time to respond carefully to the fans, you’re practicing. Otherwise, you can’t be S -class.

Moreover, Nobu’s older brother, “Naru”, Naruhiro Inamura looks more scary and cold.

No way, I didn’t think my brother Nobu was such a friendly.

“I happened to dub, so I’ll give you this.”

↓ Rare card with a market price of 1500 yen

I didn’t hesitate to get it.

“I’m glad if you signed Mr. Inamura.”

“I’m going to write that, I’ll be lucky.”

I didn’t have it because I didn’t have a writing instrument.

While chatting such a chat, Ishiken and Nobu, I and I, three good adults, a game with three good adults. 11:00 pm.

(I think this kind of society is necessary.)


Suddenly, there is no Nobu.

If you wonder if you returned, it was in the “medal corner”.

The pachinko machine and slot platform are modified to make medal games. If you put in 100 yen and hit it, the medal will be discharged in large quantities.

“I’m accumulating 15,000 copies in the medal bank”

Nobu boasts.

If you buy it, it costs about 30,000 yen, but you can’t return to money, so I don’t know what I’m proud of. In the first place, you can get 100,000 yen just by running one race.

So it’s cute.

“If you put in 100 yen and hit one -third of the probability twice, 500 pieces will come out. When it hits, it’s hot. “

Nobu, who explains the remodeling platform of the slot enthusiastically.

It’s exactly the same as the image I have for Seya.

Maebashi Kogyo bicycle racing players are completely … pee … (^^)

“Do I have to hit one -half three consecutive times? One -third, it’s difficult. ]

No, it is one -eighth.

Nobu, who has such a high salary, is hot in a medal game of 100 yen, so I was just invited to put in 100 yen. Pachinko 코인카지노 remodeling platform.

Then, suddenly, the jackpot. 750 pieces with beginner’s rack.

It is equivalent to 1500 yen when purchased.

Thanks to the rare card, we gave it exactly like Nobu.

“okay? okay? thank you! ]

S -class player who is delighted to save it in a medal bank.

“It’s 16,000! ]

Such a high salary is passing through the medal corner of such a depopulated game.

Probably the clerk is not aware.

I think I can devise a little more economy.

On the other hand, I

I have to start studying for “Eiji War” from tomorrow to use a pressed rare card.