Episode 07 The moment you meet ‘Rhee Color’

Travel, longing, Pikata

Bangao shuttle knights, are you doing well?

I hate rain, I met there

The moment you meet’Crewy High School ‘

Episode 07 The moment you meet ‘Color Color’

If you look at the hotel reservation sites, each hotel has a lot of reviews.

There are always people who are always good at the same thing, while others are complaining.

After filtering the hotel that received the appropriate star, the customer reviews are taken out and the extreme complaints and the extreme praise are taken out and the overall satisfaction is measured.

Next, I have a big pledge to consider location, but in the end, the more than all rational judgments, the feeling of the picture and the characteristics of the hotel.

As a result, it always takes twice the time, and the car is tripled, but it is not easy to get a heart in the first hotel. There will be no more painfulness as much as being left in everyday life.

However. After all, photos on the website do not show all the reality.

During his trip to Macau, he took a hotel in the Portuguese hotel’s exterior with a magnificent pile of stone walls. I felt like I was trapped with my feet at night.

But what is the brilliant morning.

The sea where I walked with a coat on my pajamas was indifferent and clunky, but it was calm as if I could hear the sound in my heart.

There is a tranquility that sometimes meets at the destination.

I’m looking for a little out of the main destination on the portal site. Perhaps because of that, they encounter the tranquility of a place and a time zone.

This tranquility is like an intangible gift from my destination.

This does not seem to be submerged in the water. In that tranquility, everything there is a sound of everyday life.

I want to separate everyday sounds around everyday.

The grandmother’s sweet bowl of the back of the hand, the sound of a radio that was twisted in a small cafe, the sound of the bus passing, and the sound of the bicycle pedal somewhere, and the bird sounds that cannot be determined.

People have named it ‘white noise’. Sometimes I often find white noise when I can’t sleep. But this is a white noise.

On the contrary, the opposite of the white sound was said 바카라 to be named ‘Ryu Color’.

In that tranquility, I’m not a traveler from another country, I’m not a resident in my country, it’s just a feeling of someone in someone’s memory.

Like a rock standing in a stream that passes through the sound of passing by like a stream, the time there is coming out of the day.

I am alone in the daily life of all that alone.

I just spit out the words ‘Ah … good’ and stay out of the place for two hours and three hours.

So my plan is always disrupted.

At some point, at the bottom of the schedule before the departure, it is greatly stated that ‘this plan may be disrupted’ and soothe my regret in advance.

From July 21, 2022 to July 28, 2022, the Netorabo Investigation Corps conducted a questionnaire that said, “What is the most difficult” Saga “series?” [Image: See 12th to 1st place in ranking] The “Saga” series that emits “Makai Tower SA / GA” released as Game Boy software is one of the Square Enix signs RPG. In addition to being able to play past works with various hardware, a remake version has been released, and its popularity is not known. Which title was the most difficult saga series that was “the most difficult”? In this questionnaire, we received a total of 222 votes. Thank you for many voting! Let’s take a look at the results. ● 2nd place: Unlimited: Saga 2nd is “Unlimited: Saga”. The number of votes was 48 and the voting rate was 21.6 %. This title was released as a PlayStation 2 software in 2002, and will be played by selecting one from multiple characters as in the conventional series. One of the features of “Unlimited: Saga” is that other unparalleled systems are adopted. It is necessary to decide on an action with a rotating reel system like a slot, and the character growth is performed by the skill panel, and it can be said that it is a high hurdle to get used to it. In the comments section, I heard, “I think I can play if I understand the system, but it is hard to go there. It was the only work that abandoned the lap play in the Saga series.” ● 1st place: Romancing Sa Ga 2 No. 1 was Romancing Sa 2. The number of votes is 71 and the voting rate is 32 %. A title for Super Nintendo released in 1993. Players will become the emperor, increase the dominant area over a long period of time, and inherit the skills and techniques and challenge the powerful enemy of the Seven Heroes. It is a system where the enemy becomes stronger and stronger just by encountering, and if you lose attention, the party may be wiped out in no time. Furthermore, if you do not learn specific techniques, techniques, formations, etc., 슬롯나라 it can be said that the battle balance of not only the seven heroes but also the middle boss can be considered “difficult”. Furthermore, because of a free scenario, it can destroy one country with your choice, and it is difficult to reach the ideal ending without information. Many people may have exchanged information with friends and others in search of strategy in a time when there is no Internet. In the comments section, he said, “The enemy’s murder is too high overall.