“IPhone 14” and “iPhone 14 PLUS” Appeared from September 9 from 119,800 yen (ITMEDIA MOBILE)

Overview of iPhone 14/14 Pro

The iPhone 14 is the successor to the “iPhone 13” equipped with a 6.1 -inch display, and the iPhone 14 Plus is a large screen model equipped with a 6.7 -inch display. The introduction of the “mini” in the iPhone 12 series and the iPhone 13 series seems to have been forgotten. The iPhone 14 is equipped with a 6.1 type, and the iPhone 14 Plus is equipped with a 6.7 -inch SUPER RETINA XDR (organic EL) display. The maximum brightness is 1200 Nito, and the contrast ratio is 2 million: 1. It also supports HDR10 / HLG / Dolby Vision standard HDR (high -dynamic range) display. The processor is kept in the same “A15 Bionic” as the iPhone 13 series. There are 6 CPU core (2 performance scores + 4 efficient core) and 5 GPU cores. Storage can be selected from 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. The out camera has a dual (main) dual (main) and super wide -angle, but the sensor of the main camera (about 12 million pixels) is changed to a new one of 1.9 μm, and the sensitivity in low illumination is up to 49. The % improvement. The lens is F1.9, which also supports sensor shift -type optical camera shake correction. The specifications of the ultra -wide -angle camera (about 12 million pixel sensors, F2.4 lenses, 120 degrees view angle) are still different. The in -camera is a “TrueDepth camera” that integrates the Face ID (face authentication unit), but the shooting sensor has been changed to a 12 million pixel sensor (F1.9 lens) compatible with autofocus (AF), and in a dark place. The sensitivity has been improved by up to 38 %. The iPhone 14/14 Plus has a new shock detection function. This is to automatically detect a car collision accident, and automatically report it if there is no response. At the same time, the “Apple Watch Series 8”, “Apple Watch Ultra” and “Apple Watch SE (2nd generation)” are also equipped with the same function, and if you pair with iPhone 14/14 Plus And it is going to make emergency calls. In addition, the iPhone 14/14 Plus also supports emergency calls by satellite communication in the United States / Canada. Use this function to make an emergency call in a place where the mobile phone is out of range, or where the wireless LAN is not connected (for a carrier that supports Wi-Fi Calling). The service is scheduled to be 코인카지노 offered in November, and the iPhone 14/14 Plus will have two -year free use rights (there is no mention of the usage fee two years later). Mobile communications on iPhone 14/14 Plus sold in Japan are 5G NR (SUB-6), LTE (4G: FDD-LTE / TD-LTE), W-CDMA (3G) and GSM (2G). It can be used for NTT DoCoMo, au (KDDI), SoftBank and Rakuten Mobile networks. The specific corresponding frequency band (band) in 5G NR and LTE is as follows.・ 5G NR: N1 / N2 / N3 / N7 / N7 / N8 / N8 / N12 / N12 / N24 / N25 / N26 / N26 / N26 / N29 / N30 / N38 / N40 / N40 / N41 / N41 / N41 / N48 / N53 / N70 / N71 / N77 / N77 / N77 / N77 / N77 / N77 / N77 / N77 / N77 / N77 N78 / N79 / FDD-LTE: Band 1/2/3/5/7/7/8/12/13/17/17/17/7/7/21/26/29/29/29/29/29/29/29/29/29/29/29/29/29 / 32 / 66/71 ・ TD-LTE: Band 34/38/40/40/41/42/46/48/53 The model sold in Japan is compatible with nanosim and ESIM, and two ESIMs at the same time. It can be enabled (one must be switched to nanosim). The US model is only compatible with ESIM and does not have a nanosim card slot. In addition, it also has Wi-Fi 6 (2.4GHz band and 5GHz band IEEE 802.11AX, 2 × 2 mimo), Bluetooth 5.3, NFC (leader mode compatible), FeliCa and ultra-wide band chips (for spatial recognition). The body has a dustproof / waterproof performance of IP68 grade. The colors are midnight, purple, starlight, (PRODUCT) RED, and blue, and the size and weight are as follows.・ IPhone 14: Approximately 71.5 (width) x 146.7 (height) x 7.8 (thickness) mm, about 172g ・ iPhone 14 Plus: Approximately 78.1 (width) x 160.8 (height) x 7.8 (thickness) mm, approx. 203g

It was salted salmon last night. Suddenly it became chilly, so I stopped cold and chose a tofu soup.

Yesterday was the day after the barium test, so I put up with tea.

It was cool and comfortable today. In the morning, walking is hard to collect.

When I went to Famima today, Bar Pomm Cassis and grapes were in stock.

Premol next door presented the Seven app in Seven yesterday and exchanged bar pomm, so he challenged the slot where he could drink.

It is the winner.

If you line up with the sake you exchanged yesterday

Ninmari for a great deal.

Bar Pomm has different alcohol content. I was not good at peach flavors so I didn’t exchange them, but was the peach 2%?

Rakuten shopping marathon! From September 19 to 24!

The usual older brother came this afternoon.

Rakuten shopping marathon! From September 19 to 24!

With gold wheat purchased at Super Sale

Rakuten shopping marathon! From September 19 to 24!

And the monitor product from the 2nd Public Relations Room arrives.

I am looking forward to using it because it is a skin care brand born from cocoon. I will make another article.

Rakuten shopping marathon! From September 19 to 24!

Rakuten shopping marathon! From September 19 to 24!

By the way, it 온라인카지노 was chilly tonight, so I bought the ingredients for the crunchy chicken dumpling soup, but I wanted to eat McDonald’s moon viewing.

It’s a great volume

This year’s long -awaited Tsukimi pie


After all the best.

I want to eat it again, but I’m always done when I notice it.

Rakuten shopping marathon! From September 19 to 24!

By the way, three consecutive holidays from tomorrow. There are no major plans, and we plan to spend time slowly with two people.

Rakuten shopping marathon! From September 19 to 24!

Rakuten shopping marathon! From September 19 to 24!

Rakuten shopping marathon! From September 19 to 24!