Net gambling -dependent Corona evil “Real” without cash (Chiba Nissho Online)

Chiba Prefecture, gambling dependence on the Internet has increased without catching up measures (image is an image) Increased the number of people who are absorbed in gambling on the Internet, such as online casinos, due to the expansion of the new colonovirus infection. It is easy to lose money because it does not use cash in “real”, and related consultations have increased rapidly to the “Gambling addiction problem”. Chiba Prefecture has formulated a plan to promote gambling 카지노 addiction measures, but the fact that online casinos have not been taken in, and measures have not been caught up in reality. Tanaka (right), etc., who are on the stage of gambling addiction enlightenment forum = May 18, Chiyoda -ku, Tokyo “I started with about 50,000 yen at first, but I started to lose a high magnification game to get back. Up to 13 million yen in a day. ” A man who spent a total of about 20 million yen in an online casino has been on stage and confesses his experience of swelling. The online casino is operated by a company approved by a foreign government and can play cards and slot games online. It was also noted that the arrested man who was accidentally transferred from Abu -cho, Yamaguchi Prefecture for a Corona countermeasure 46.3 million yen, was arrested for fraud for using an electronic calculator. According to a meeting about the gambling addiction problem that hosted the forum, a questionnaire was taken at a consultation that is being held nationwide, and in 2020, 79 among 169 consultants, 7 people (4 % (4 %) (4 %) (4 %). ) However, in 2009 it increased to 20 out of 194 (10 %). As of May 20, it reached 15 out of 120 (12.5 %), with more than 5 million yen in half. In the age, nine people in their 20s are noticeable. Noriko Tanaka (57) of the association pointed out, “Because it can be done 24 hours a day, the number of people who reach out due to corona evil has increased. It is easy to lose money because it does not use cash.” The association has been working with the bicycle racing carrier to conduct tests to check the degree of addiction to the visitors and urge them to be careful, but she says, “I can’t cooperate with the online casino operator.” Tell. On the other hand, in March of this year, in March this year, the first formulation plan was to promote countermeasures based on the Basic Law on Gambling addiction measures. In addition to the posters of the enlightenment posters at the public stadium, the removal of ATMs will be promoted to prevent locking up. However, the person in charge of the Prefectural Welfare Promotion Division for the Disabled said, “Public competitions are also increasing online tickets due to corona evil. It is difficult to reach measures in the Internet space, including online casinos.” Miyamoto representative of Chiba Branch, who thinks about gambling addiction issues that say that it is important to convey risks, will take risks such as large debt and family collapse on May 18, Tokyo. Yuji Miyamoto (45) of the Chiba Branch, who was involved in the formulation of the prefectural plan, warned that “the younger generation will touch gambling on the Internet. It may be more addicted in the future.” He calls for “not blaming the addictive, but a widely conveyed risk.” According to the prefecture, a self -help group made by the parties in the prefecture is active in the prefecture. He aims to recover from addiction by gathering his real name and occupation and telling his experiences and circumstances.

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