“Splatoon 3” Gear Power “Main Performance Up” and “Explosion / Kai” are abolished. New “Action Enhancement” and “Sub -impact reduction” are added [Splatoon 3 Direct] (Famitsu.com)

“Splatoon 3 Direct 2022.8.10” (Splatoon 3 Direct) distributed on August 10, 2022. In conjunction with the main broadcast, information on gear power appearing in “Splatoon 3” scheduled to be released on September 9, 2022 has been updated, and it has been abolished from the newly added gear power and “Splatoon 2”. Gear power has been revealed. View [Article image (6 sheets)]. Two types of new gear power are added this time, two types of gear power, “enhancement of action” and “subturbation reduction”. In particular, it is important to see what kind of impact will be, as “Action Enhancement” is a gear power linked to the new actions added in “Splatoon 3”. Action enhancement of “Splatoon 3” The new action “Icalol” (action that flies from the ground or walls. From the opponent’s attacks a little) and “Ikanobori” (Ikanobori “(Ikanobori” is passed vigorously. Gear power that jumps up. Even if I carol is used continuously, the movement speed will be less likely to decrease, and the charge time required to do squid will be shorter. In addition, even after jumping, squid, and squid, the accuracy of Buki is less likely to be reduced. Gear power that reduces the impact of sub -weapons of the sub -impact. In addition to reducing the damage of the bomb blast of the opponent’s bomb, reducing the time of the marking, the damage from the sprinkler and the effects of poison mist can be reduced. Abolished gear power new gear power has been added, while others have abolished gear power. The “main performance up” and “blast damage reduction / modification” that appeared in “Splatoon 2” did not appear in “Splatoon 3”. In the change of gear power, in Bankara Street, even if the gear is powered up to the maximum, you can continue to accumulate Keiken values ​​many times to get “gear power fragments”. If you collect gear power fragments and give them to the “spikey” in the square, you can restore additional gear power to the open slot with your favorite gear. In addition, the growing spiki has been replaced with the desired basis by using more gear power fragments. You need a lot of gear power, but you can now attach your favorite gear power to your favorite gear. As before, spikey can be re -drawn lottery using “Super Sazae”, cleaning slots using money, and accepting gear orders. In the rarity of the gear, it is possible to raise the rarity of the gear to ★★★★★. Increasing the rarity of the gear can increase the number of additional gear power slots to up to three. In the case of “Splatoon 3”, the effect of further increasing the rarity from here is added to the gear that can be obtained slightly. It will be easier to collect a little piece of gear power. Also, in the Bankara street shop, if you have the same gear as the gear you have now, you can “rarely increase” by paying money. In Bankara Street, the items of the shop are switched at 9:00 am in Japan time, so it is a good idea to check it every day. Also, by handing a super sazzle to a spikey, you can always increase your favorite gear. Please enjoy the interview article of the “Splatoon” series hot article series and the summary articles of illustrations released on the official Twitter! * 더존카지노 The screen is a capture of distribution.

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