“Walking in Baccarat Village (Part 1)”

On the fourth day of my trip to France, I took a local train train from Nancy to Baccarat.

The number of trains operated in Baccarat is small. In addition, since the off -time zone will be changed to bus transportation that complements railway transportation, we decided to go back and forth on the afternoon train on this trip.

It is a Nancy station with a slightly old station equipment. It seemed to be just during the renovation work of Nancy station building.

From Nancy to Baccarat, it was about 40 minutes each way. I just arrived at Baccarat station.

It is a baccarat entrance station that is famous as a production area for crystal products. The place name Baccarat is the name of the local government.

It is the whole view of the station building of Baccarat station.

The station name “Baccarat”, which feels like a high -end thing for some reason, is written. (← Kudoki)

It is a tourist information of Baccarat Village.

Strictly speaking, the smallest unit of the French local government is a commune, not a town or village. Nevertheless, VILLE is often translated as a town, but in this article it is a Baccarat village. If this is forcibly translated, is it a place called “the hometown of the crystal in the valley”? The Baccarat village has a population of about 5,000.

♪ Do you remember his baccarat (hometown) village ~

A short walk from the station is the center of the village. There was an original store (Baccarat boutique) in front of the factory group of Crystal Maker Baccarat.

There are many brave customers who enter the store very rarely, but many tourists are the same as me, most of them just look at the exhibits from outside the window.

The cats on the left and the dog on the right were both 7,500 euros. It is about 930,000 yen.

The price of 7.500 euros is even more expensive than his L -size Baccarat Cat (estimated 4,000 to 4,500 euros), which was presented by a friend when he retired from his previous job. ← The story of “presented ~” is a red Baccarat lie. (smile)

This one -chan or a panther -chan was 38,000 euros (about 4.7 million yen).

This eagle was 42,000 euros (about 5.2 million yen). In the lower left corner, in the Japanese language, “I will 슬롯머신 go to tax exemption procedure” makes me cry.

Although it is a mess, I want to be exempted from this (this time) because of my insistence.

In today’s French tourist destinations, Chinese guidance is given priority over Japanese guidance due to overwhelming differences in the number of visitors. However, with regard to Baccarat’s crystal products, the sales in Japan are the best in Japan, so this kind of Japanese guidance is coming out.

It is an exhibition of Baccarat -made large chandelier (8.4m high, 4.6m wide, 410 light, 1.8t weight), which is the annual winter event of Ebisu Garden Place. (Taken January 2015)

In 2018, Baccarat was acquired by China (Hong Kong )’s investment company, Fortune Fountain Capital.

I didn’t buy anything at the original store in the Baccarat village, but at the end of the trip I bought such a small one.

It is a building called “Mary” built in 1924 just across the Mult River bridge. It is a building like a village office that is translated as a “city hall” in the introduction of the translation. This architecture is a landmark of Baccarat, and there is a gorgeous chandelier in Baccarat in the guest room (now seems to be a meeting room of the government office).

It is a modern architecture Saint -Remi Church, which was rebuilt from 1953 to 1957. The church was destroyed by the bombing during World War II.

Inside the church. Baccarat crystals are used abundantly.

Because it is a modern architecture, I had a great impression from the traditional stained glass church.

The Mut River and the village seen from the front of Saint -Remi Church. In the riverbed park of the Murt River, there was a group of multiple families enjoying picnics.

(Continued to the second part of Baccarat Crystal Musee)

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